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    Set | New Arrivals

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    Este set incluye todos los nuevos productos. Si ya tienes El Jibarito y La Jibarita, este “bundle” es para ti. Todo lo nuevo en un solo “click”.

    Set Incluye:
    • Peluches de La Abuela, El Abuelo y EL Gallo
    • Libro La Lata del Abuelo
    • Kit de Gallitos de Algarroba (Lata)
    • Para edades 3+


    Looking to expand your collection of El Jibarito and La Jibarita products? Look no further than our new arrivals bundle! This set includes everything you need to keep your collection up-to-date and ready to play with just a single click.

    Our new arrivals bundle features a trio of adorable plush toys, including Abuela, Abuelo, and Rooster. These soft and cuddly toys are perfect for children aged 3 and up, and can be played with or added to a collection of plush toys.

    In addition to the plush toys, the bundle also includes a bilingual book entitled "La Lata del Abuelo". This book is an ideal learning tool for both children and adults, offering the chance to improve language skills in both English and Spanish.

    Finally, the bundle includes the "Gallitos Kit", which comes in a can and is perfect for children who enjoy hands-on activities. The kit is designed for ages 3 and up, and includes all the materials needed to play the traditional game.

    Order your new arrivals bundle today and keep your collection up-to-date with ease!

    Kit Includes:

    • Plushes: Abuela, Abuelo and Rooster 
    • 1 La Lata del Abuelo Bilingual Book
    • 1 "Gallitos Kit" in a can
    • For ages 3 and up
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    Set | New Arrivals


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